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Cynos Silver Tree Argan/Moroccan Oil

Original price ₦1,250 - Original price ₦1,875
Original price
₦1,250 - ₦1,875
Current price ₦1,875

The unique composition of Cynos Argan Oil made from the best and selectively chosen seeds of argan tree nourishes intensively and works anti- aging. The skin gets flexibility and the hair becomes shiny. Moreover, the pleasant fragrance makes the skin and the hair smell pleasantly for hours. 

The Cynos Argan Oil is rich in vitamins and contains a lot of valuable fatty acids (e.g. omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9). The most important one is the omega-6 called linoleic acid which provides skin protection as well as its recovery. The fatty acids prevent the skin from becoming dry and losing the elasticity. They also help to reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E protects cell membrane against lipid oxidation what makes the aging process slow down.

DIRECTIONS: For Hair: Apply the Argan oil from your roots to the tips and leave it on for approximately one hour before shampooing. This treatment restores shine and flexibility to dry and brittle hair.

For Body: After your bath, gently warm the Argan oil in your hands and massage it onto your body using upward strokes. Use this routine two to three times a week.

Available sizes: 80g, 120g

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