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📣 Salons & Professionals: Register for access to wholesale discounts!

Copy of SNS Dipping Powder Gel Base (Fast Dry) .5oz

Original price ₦10,000 - Original price ₦10,000
Original price
₦10,000 - ₦10,000
Current price ₦10,000

At the heart of the SNS dipping powder system is a range of unique products called SNS Bases & Sealers. They bind the color to the nail, provide a beautiful mirror-finish, and most of all ensure the health of the natural nail.

SNS Bases & Sealers were designed by SNS scientists to ensure the following:

  •   Use natural materials wherever possible
  •   Nourish the natural nail with healthful ingredients
  •   Eliminate toxic odors in the salon
  •   Minimize allergenic effects
  •   Ensure that colors are brilliant and consistent
  •   Provide a light, strong and flexible nail
  •   Protect the nails against UV light
  •   Are easy to apply...and remove

It's because of SNS Bases & Sealers that nails actually become stronger and healthier with each SNS application!

Nutrients for the Nail                                                                                                           

Take a look at the powerful nutrients featured in the SNS Bases & Sealers:

VITAMIN A: An antioxidant that helps the nail bed repel bacteria and viruses, while it also protects against UV damage

VITAMIN E: A nutrient and protector for the nail bed: it helps neutralize free radicals which damage the cells, and strengthens the immune system.

VITAMIN B5: Has powerful abilities to regenerate the nail bed, making the tissue more solid and elastic; it also provides a protective barrier against harm.

VITAMIN D3: Boosts elasticity of the tissues and stimulates collagen production, while helping to replenish the cells and maintain their natural moisture.

CALCIUM: An essential component for cell regeneration and tissue strength; it also has a protective function, stimulating the production of natural antioxidants to preserve cell health.

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