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📣 Salons & Professionals: Register for access to wholesale discounts!

SNS French Pink & White Dip Powders

Nearly 30 years ago, SNS changed the nail industry with the world’s first Pink & White Dipping Powder System. Today, SNS continues to lead the industry with the ultimate French dip manicure. When it comes to Pink & White, SNS offers the finest quality powders, the most naturally brilliant finish, and the strongest, longest-lasting nails. The SNS dip system is the most natural with the least amount of chemicals, plus added nutrients to nourish the nail bed. A variety of French style manicures are possible, with a generous choice of light, dark and glitter pinks, three beautiful shades of white, and a whole range of natural finishes. And the best news is, every application of SNS Pink & White leaves the nail healthier than before! All SNS Pink & White Dip Powders are available in 3 sizes 2oz, 4oz, and 16oz, or as a full set of all 14 formulas.


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